Rolled metal and metal structures

We offer manufacturing of metal structures, building structures. Upon customer request it is possible to manufacture standard and custom products, as well as steel structures of varying complexity, shapes and sizes, including construction, space, assembly, processing, metal constructions, metal doors, as well as complete products and parts, fabricated metal. We are able to promptly and efficiently execute orders on individual projects. Production possibilities are able to make various steelworks for any purpose in different designs, taking into account the wishes of the customer.


    * Metal
    * Constructions
    * Steel construction
    * Farm
    * Support
    * Column
    * Overlapping
    * Beams
    * Pile cages
    * Decks
    * Doors
    * Capacity
    * Visors
    * Greenhouse
    * Sheds
    * Gate
    * Bench
    * Sports equipment
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