Rolled metal and metal structures

The piping systems using the pipes made from ferrous metals are the most commonly used types of piping, especially in the water supply and heating systems. At the same time, both cheap welded pipes and more expensive but also more reliable seamless pipes are used for mounting the systems.
The most actual problem arising in the process of manufacturing of piping is the problem of combination of its different elements into a single system enabling not only to fulfill the tasks set but also to avoid non-rational use of metal.
In the process of piping mounting, welded, threaded or flanged connections are the most commonly used ones.
For connection of the piping components fittings are used, that is piping elements, enabling to provide for the required joints. Thus, connection of the segments of piping of the same diameter is performed by way of couplings, whereas for connection of pipes of different "calibers" diminishing pieces are provided for. For changing the direction of the working medium flow at the angles of 45 to 120 grades connector bends are used. T-bends make it possible to create branches from the trunk section of the piping, and the crosspieces enable to make branches in two directions at the same time. This list of piping fittings used for mounting of ferrous and steel pipe systems is far from being complete.
Mounting of piping of drencher (dry) and water-filled sprinkler SAP types is carried out using welded, threaded or flanged connections, or by way of piping plug-in couplings (for tubes with the diameter of 25 to 200 mm). At the same time, if the piping is located behind a fixed ceiling, in closed channels or at any other places with difficult access, only welded connections are used.
Mounting of fire-fighting systems using plug-in couplings has many advantages. First of all, considerable amount of time is spared (up to 65%) as compared with the mounting with welding, which reduces the working hours and the cost of works on the whole. Apart from that, it is the best option at the sites where welding works are not permitted. A fire-fighting system mounted using plug-in piping couplings has high elasticity and vibration resistance which makes it invulnerable in case of fire caused by an earthquake, it is not afraid of linear expansion in the conditions of increasing temperature.

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